Client Profile

Don’t worry, we’re not going to fit you into a box based on our target market demographics or psychographics… or cartoon you into an avatar following our educated guesses and software analyses. We like to think we know better than to do that.

What we can tell you are the type of clients we’ve worked with best, when it comes to their goals and experience. We know we can serve you well if you:

  • Don’t quit when the going gets tough – sales is our passion but it’s not always laughs and giggles; we can guarantee that you’ll encounter roadblocks, so we appreciate it when you trust us and stick with us through thick and thin
  • Are ambitious – our antennas are always on the lookout for growth opportunities and best practices; when both you and us keep an open mind and dare to follow promising new avenues, miracles can happen
  • Come from one of our specialty industries: Audiovisual, Multimedia or Software as a Service (SAAS) – that’s not to say, however, that we won’t work with you otherwise. We just want to let you know the industries we’ve had most experience and most successes with.
  • Truly care about your customers and their wellbeing – you may have noticed that the number one principle in our philosophy above is integrity. While we are driven and relentless, we keep everyone’s best interest in mind and steer away from gimmicks or deception. So if your mindset matches ours, then we can guarantee a smooth and fulfilling collaboration.

Now we pass the ball over to you. Like what you’ve learned about us so far? Think we could start a solid and mutually beneficial partnership? If so, we’re excited to talk with you further.